Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible Visit Greg’s BBQ

Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible Visit Greg’s BBQ

Robert Irvine and Restaurant Impossible do a make over on Greg's BBQ in Belen, New Mexico

Check out the upcoming broadcasts of Robert Irvine & the crew of Restaurant Impossible as they do a fantastic makeover on Greg’s old dining room. The following airings on the Food Channel are starting this Thursday, July 21st. Don’t miss the action, then drop by for the best BBQ in the County!


Thursday, July 21 – 8pm eastern/7pm central
Friday, July 22 – 3am eastern/2am central
Sunday, July 24 – 3pm eastern/2pm central
Thursday, August 11 – 9am eastern/8am central

Image courtesy of Robert Irvine – Restaurant Impossible

Now Open Sunday’s

Now Open Sunday’s

Greg’s BBQ is Now Open Sunday’s

Come Enjoy BBQ, Beer and Football on Sunday’s with the Only Full Service Bar in Belen

Greg’s Bar-B-Q per Pound Food Prices

Greg’s Bar-B-Q per Pound Food Prices

Greg’s Bar-B-Q of Belen sells all of their delicious food by the pound so you can enjoy it at home!


Full Rack of slow smoked ribs (Available on Fridays only!) – $28, Half Rack Ribs – $14. Brisket and Sausage $18 a pound. Pork $16 a pound. All Side dishes are $5 a pound.

Have a Smokin’ Good Day!

Leafy Greens Contaminated with Cadmium

Leafy Greens Contaminated with Cadmium

As a family owned & operated restaurant in a small rural town, Greg’s cares a lot about food quality issues. We figured it would be worthwhile to help the communtry keep informed about food health issues as a way to give back to the community.

In our first edition of food saftey news we wanted to help people understand why leafy green veggies are contaminatred with dangerous chemicals, in this case cadmium, a toxic carcinogen. You can read the full story from our friends over at Food Safety News below. But here’s the short version:

It turns out, not surprisingly, that veggies pull many things from the soil when they grow, even things they shouldn’t like toxins.  Of course, this has always been the case so why the concern now?  The issue is the levels of cadmium in spinich are much higher than they used to be, at dangerous levels in many cases. The reason for the changes is that modern farming is using more fertilizer than in the past, and the fertilizers being used contain more toxins than they used to. 

It’s another case of profits over health concerns for the consumer we are sorry to say. You can read the full here at Food safety News

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